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Roots in Småland?

We are your natural choice
Welcome to discover you Swedish roots. Trece can help you with your family history.
TRECE are locate in the middle of Småland, Kronoberg. The nearness to provincial archives, genealogical societies, and local knowledge has give us a good possibility to create you Ancestor's history.

Long experience and knowledge about the province of Småland, this history and historical source. All this make us successful to find you "smålandish" roots.

We have over 25 years experience of genealogy, researching in Swedish parish registers and can provide answers about your family ancestors. Trece researchers have extensive experience in accessing various Swedish historical databases.  Our success is linked to our ability to read and interpret different handwriting styles and apply insight into genealogical research methods.

Many people are interested in tracing their family history.

Most people do not possess the:
  •  -knowledge of the record types, what is in them, and how to use  or find them.
  •  -genealogy research skills: research methodology; historical background;
  • -time
  • -read and understand the Swedish language.